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Welcome To Backyard Militia Clan Homepage. We are a really laid back casual multigaming community! Backyard Militia is currently migrating from Teamspeak3 to Discord if you need help contact a member of management TS3 will be up until Oct 3rd. Our development team is always working to have the lastest Minecraft version on our Test server, current Minecraft production server is 1.9.x We also have a couple private Terraria servers Our Community plays a large variety of games, "Eve Online", "Stellaris", "Black Desert Online", "APB", "Diablo 3 ROS", "Killing Floor", "Starcraft", "Minecraft", "CS : GO", "League of Legends", "World Of Warcraft", "Guild Wars 2", "Unturned", "Terraria" and more, Everyone is welcome! We are always activly looking for new members to chill and play games with or just hang out. Anyone interested feel free to click the "Join Us" button on the top menu bar and join us on Discord.
More of a reason to Join BM! We now have a Clan only Private CSGO Training Server as well as a Minecraft Server with White List. BM Management and some of our members have dedicated there time over the past few months to help with the initial setup of our server with public buildings, pathways, and bridges.
Anyone here to join BM MUST read the joining agreement and rules. We are only going to be recruiting Limited amounts of Members into BM Each Month! All members should be active on Our Discord!

Leaders of BM.
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