Joining Agreement

Interested Partys wanting to Join BM MUST read and accept our rules as well as our TOS. If you dont agree BM Is not the place for you.

EVERYONE Who Applys here must join our Teamspeak 3 Server as well as be active. Failing to do so will result in a declination of your application.

Teamspeak 3 Info can be found on our HOME PAGE along with a link to the application download.
Please also note all members must also sign up on our forums seperatly, after filling out our application.

General Rules
  • No Insulting, harassing or cursing out any members.

  • No racist comments or curse words.

  • No Hacking/Cheating.

  • No Pornographic or Racist Sprays.

  • No arguing BM Management. “What they say goes!"

The rest of our rules can be found HERE.

Please Note: These rules are subject to change. This comprehensive listing may not cover every single offense possible. If an offense that is committed does not fall into the remit of these server rules directly or indirectly, BM Management reserves the right to punish the offender accordingly or rule on any case where the offense is not clearly set out within the rules.

BM Management
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